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Intermittent Fasting The trick to losing weight

Intermittent Fasting : The Trick To Losing Weight That Will Change Your Life

This is not a fad date that may gain a high reputation and then fade away. Personally, I believe in fasting and I feel very grateful concerning the behavioral and mental level. Experts who had been exploring the benefits of fasting, have recently noticed its obvious positive effect on health and capability to clean the body, as a result, Fasting Diet became increasingly popular especially intermittent fasting which is considered as one of the best weight loss technique.

When the word “Fasting” is recalled in our society, we jump straight into the idea of food deprivation just like in “Ramadan” or “Lent”. However, intermittent fasting is extremely different despite its various methods.

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Intermittent Fasting The Trick To Losing Weight 

Get rid of back fat

Get rid of back fat

Have you always looked at yourself in the mirror and wished to have a fatless back that looked just perfect with a well fitted top or a backless dress? Or have you ever worn a crop top or just a tight T-shirt and felt uncomfortable of that muffin top that keeps on overflowing ?

Getting that sexy back isn’t hard with a little of motivation and a combination of a healthy balanced diet and specific exercises and cardio you can achieve that sexy breathtaking back and rock that backless dress with a fabulous toned back.

Get rid of back fat

15 minute Core Workout at Home

To construct a powerful core you need to workout a variety of muscles from your shoulders to your hips. You can done this core workout at your home with or without equipment.

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Check out and follow this easy and best exercises to strengthen your core :

  • Sliding Pike (Do 10 times)
  • Knee Fold Tuck (Do 18 times.)
  • Circle Plank (Do 5 times, then switch legs)
  • Oblique Reach (Do 5 reps, then switch sides.)
  • Side Balance Crunch (Do 10 times, then switch sides)
  • Unsupported One-Arm Row (Do 8 reps, then switch left arm)

15 minute Core Workout at Home

Tighten Up Your Breast in Week

Every woman’s dream is to take care of her social and work life but as same as her beauty and appearance and that is not an easy task though. Hence, ladies today are searching for solutions to their numerous beauty problems which drooping breast is one of. In fact it’s able to ruin and completely destroy their confidence and self esteem.

Accordingly, saggy breasts aren't that attractive. Consequently, woman won’t ever have a successful love life. 

Why to blame her? It’s just a natural process that will happen automatically at the age of 40 or even earlier. Not only age causes this feminine issue, there are many other factors such as breastfeeding, pregnancy, strenuous exercise besides rapid weight gain/loss, nutritional deficiencies and most importantly wearing a poorly fitting bra. And not forget to mention that some diseases can, also, cause breast slugging like breast cancer or respiratory conditions. Adding to that, the excessive use of alcohol and nicotine contributes as well to this problem. It’s common knowledge that breast are not just muscles. They are made of fat and few connective tissues and mostly glands producing milk. Thus, it deserves our care to keep them properly shaped.

Luckily, today a variety of remedies to saggy breasts are on the market to tighten them up. We only have to look carefully. But nothing is more effective and trust worthy than natural methods, therefore many home remedies are too simple that you can try without getting the risk of negative side effects.

Tighten Up Your Breast in Week

 Tighten Your Breast in Week
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Burn 200 calories in less than 5 minutes

Do you suffer from fat ? Have you tried to follow workout and diet plan? but you often busy, to the point that you wish if it was more than 24 hours a day. Don't worry, Try this 10 intense workout for less than 5 minutes, and see how you will improve tremendously.

Burn 200 calories in less than 5 minutes :

1- Jumping jacks
2- Box step
3- Burpees
4- Running up stairs
5- Mountain climbers
6- Frogger
7- High knees
8- Walking lunges
9- Jump squat
10- Lateral hops

Burn 200 calories in less than 5 minutes