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3 Exercises to Burn Fat at Home

To Burn Fat, you need to exercise, These are some simple exercise tips that will help you lose weight easily and quickly at home.

3 Exercises to Burn Fat at Home


(1.) Jumping Jacks:

Before starting off with the rest of the exercise, do jumping jacks to warm up. It increases your heart beat and also stamina o do the rest of the workouts.
>> Stand with your feet at ease and hands by your side.

>> Now jump to set your feet apart and simultaneously flinging your arms in the air.

>> Jump gain to get back to position 1

(2.) Jumping Ropes:

Relive your childhood days with jumping ropes. It tones your legs and works on flab and other parts of the body too.

(3.) Squats:

Squats is like the king of exercise. It works on your thighs, abs, the lower back and also the cuffs of your legs.

>> Stand with your legs apart at a distance of 1 foot.

>> Bend your knees and lower yourself as if you will be sitting on a chair. Lift your hands up straight.

>> Bend your knees and stoop down as much as you can.

>> Hold this for a few seconds and stand up straight.

>> Repeat as many times as possible. 

Other than these,  you can do crunches and sit-ups.



  1. With this simple activities I can burn fats and and sweat a lot too. Thanks for this post!

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