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8 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

8 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Now before summer, the perfect occasion to start fresh and lose weight. For millions of Americans and world, losing weight is a healthy resolution they would like to start making progress on instantly, but it’s important to realize that slowly and steadily shedding any post-holiday pounds is healthier and more effective than any kind of rapid weight loss. I’ve discovered a few tips. They're broad-based, founded on my reading of hundreds of much more specific, narrow studies, and tons and tons of clinical experience. All you have to do is follow these guidelines:

Stop using vegetable oils
Such as sunflower, Use olive oil instead

Eat protein at every meal
Studies show that higher protein diets make it easier to lose fat. Protein boosts the metabolism (in one study as much as 100 percent for 24 hours), and increases satiety, making it more likely that you won't overeat. A higher protein diet could be just what you need to break that plateau.

Make Movement a Must
Regular exercise! Schedule at least 20 minutes of either cardiovascular or core-strengthening exercise on most days of the week. When you can’t do that, make an effort to simply move more, so at least you’re squeezing some physical activity in. For cardio-conditioning, your best bet is interval exercises, in which you alternate short bursts of intense activity (15 to 60 seconds each depending on your fitness level) with easier recovery periods, since an interval workout can help you burn fat and calories faster than exercising at a steady pace.

Reduce starch
When you do eat starches, choose from “real” carbohydrates. Best choices are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, beans and legumes. (These foods are low on the glycemic index and packed with fiber.)

Change Bad Habits
Lack of sleep and too much stress can be real diet busters. If you’re chronically sleep-deprived, it could be affecting the plane, since studies show that lack of sleep can cause weight gain. Schedule a shut-down routine to help ensure that you go to bed at roughly the same time every night. You might even consider setting an alarm to remind yourself to turn off your computer, television, or smartphone at least an hour before bedtime. Stress too should be dealt with, since it often is the source of reflexive and mindless eating.

Eliminate Cravings
You can tackle pesky cravings by removing bad carbohydrates, like those made with refined white flour and white sugar, from your diet . . . permanently. Bad carbs have had their nutrients, including fiber, stripped during processing, so when you eat them, your body digests them rapidly and this causes your blood sugar to spike, which can lead to unhealthy cravings for more of the same. Instead, choose good carbs like whole grains, vegetables, beans and other legumes, and fruits because they are nutrient-dense, high in fiber, and, unlike bad carbs, will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Eliminating alcohol
Alcohol has a higher calorie count per gram than protein or carbohydrates – and it offers very little in the way of nutrients for the equivalent calories.

Reward Yourself
Spend a day getting pampered at the spa or salon; purchase a new outfit for your slimmer figure; enjoy a night out dancing with friends!


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