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Tight Butt Workout

Tight butt workout

Summer’s finally here, Want to have a tight butt by the time you hit the beach? We all want a pretty butt to make our skinny jeans look stylish. Try out this tight butt workout, tone and lift your butt!

The Hydrant : Start out on all fours, with abs engaged and back flat. Keeping upper  body still, lift it up to the side until it’s parallel with your hips. 21 reps each leg

Getting tighter glutes with Dumbbell Squats.. Do it: Stand with your legs at about shoulder width, and hold a dumbbell in front of you with both hands. Squat down as if you were going to sit in a chair, keeping your weight over your heels. Squeeze your glutes as you return to the start position. Do 15-20 reps. As you continue, keep the weight in your heels, making sure your knees do not pass forward of your toes. For a bigger challenge, try it without the weights, jump explosively, and land in the squat position.

The Kickback : To do it, Start on all fours. For minute and a half seconds, kick your left leg straight out behind you at a square angle to the floor. Do the same with your right leg. Repeat this four times.

The Hip Extension : Start on all fours, keeping your left leg bent, push it back until it’s in line with your spine, with your foot and upper thigh parallel to the ceiling. Do this for minute and a half seconds and then do the same with your right leg.

Lunges : This exercise tightens up the outer part of your butt: To begin a walking lunge stand upright (add weights in your hands for more intensity). Now take a lunge forward while never letting your knee go 'over' your toe. Once at the bottom of the lunge (leg bent at 90 degree angle), push off with the back foot and then approach the standing position. Repeat with the other leg. Make sure to breath out on the way up and breathe in on the actual lunge.


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