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5 Reasons that will slow your Metabolism

Metabolism is the processes in the body that convert food and drink into energy. Lots of reasons that will slow your Metabolism, we chosen 5 of them:

5 Reasons that will slow your Metabolism

The oil in salmon help your body process foods more effectively. The omega3 in wild salmon help improve insulin sensitivity, which shrinks fat from your waistline. Wild salmon also activates the thyroid hormone for a faster metabolism.

When you drink coffee quarter of an hour before a workout, enabling you to train more intensely. Coffee stimulates adrenaline, which sends a order to your fat stores to burn fat. Advice; make it caffeinated and black.

Brazil Nuts:
Brazil Nuts containing high amounts of selenium (the enzyme most important) who plays a special role in controlling the effects of a thyroid hormone that helps us manage our fat metabolism.

Do not starve yourself:
If you eat too little, your body will break down valuable muscle tissue for energy. If you want to increase your metabolism and continue lose weight, eat enough so do not starve yourself. You must eat six smaller meals throughout the day.

Shortage of exercise:
When your muscles are working, your metabolism speeds up.. When you don’t exercise, fat can build up in your body and slow your metabolism. Regular exercise can boost your metabolism over the long term.


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