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7 Best Post Workout Meals

Following workout, your body needs to renew its energy stores and fix muscle tissue to allow for new growth, because during workout your body breaks down muscles glycogen in addition to muscle protein structures. Thus, the food you eat after workout may be the most important food you eat all day. To carry out this, you’ll ought to consume enough carbohydrates to promote substantial insulin release.

Here are the 7 best post workout meals :

7 Best Post Workout Meals

1- Bananas:
Available throughout the year, banana is a wholesome fruit and nature’s perfect food post workout. will help keep nutrient levels high. and aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function. Have it with a glass of milk or yoghurt for optimum benefits.

2- Salmon:
Salmon is high in protein and omega-3s, and can keep you satisfied to bypass snacking. Try out integrating with sweet potato for slow-burning carbs, green beans or spinach for minerals and vitamins.

3- Eggs and orange juice:
Eggs are a good post-workout food because they are best protein source. There’s protein in both the yolk and the white of an egg. But you have to eat the yolk. In addition to protein, it also contains vitamin B12, which is necessary for fat breakdown and muscle contraction.
If you workout in the morning, take a boiled egg and a frozen juice to the gym. Orange juice provides plenty of carbs and vitamin C.

4- Scrumptious and refreshing:
some sort of yogurt-based smoothie provides the basis amino acid wanted for muscle recuperation.
Try this recipe:
1/2 cup of skim milk
1/2 cup of yoghurt
1 banana
1 tbsp of peanut butter
1 tsp of ground flax

5- Chicken stir-fry:
After one workout, your body is in recuperation mode, consequently you want a nutrient dense meal. Chicken stir-fry provides you that feature, is an good source of lean protein and carbohydrates. Add some veggies in olive oil to maintain your ticker in tip-top shape, load up with the brown rice for fibre and carbs.

6- Greek Yogurt:
Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein compared to regular kind, and less sugar than the regular yogurt, also contains substantial carbs. Add honey, fruit for an extra vitality kick.

7- Nuts and dried fruits:
Not every person possesses time to whip up a healthy meal, nuts and dried fruits are a solution. Nuts provide a dose of protein and healthy fats, plus you’ll receive a fast injection of carbs from dried fruits. Simple carbohydrates will renew your muscle glycogen faster than complicated carbohydrates.


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