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Protein for Weight Loss

That a high protein diet is good for losing weight, but question; What are the best sources of protein and how much do we need?

Protein for Weight Loss

Protein find in two different sources; animal based or plant based.. When choosing protein-rich meals pay attention to what exists combined with the protein.
The better animal protein choices are eggs, meat,  skinless chicken, poultry, fish and low-fat dairy products. Full-fat dairy, fast food and Processed meat like bacon, sausages and ham, contain saturated fat and should be stay away from them. Vegetable sources of protein offer minerals, vitamins and fiber. Lack of fibre can cause digestive tract disorders, constipation and cancers..

How much ?

Estimate how much protein we need differs according to age weight, gender, age..  Enough protein intake is required for the structure, function and regulation of the body's cells, and to ensure that we do not begin to digest our own vital organs. We are targeting just fat, therefore it is important that we consume at least 1/2 our bodyweight in grams of protein to guarantee that we maintain the protein we need and just burn off fat.


To help achieve and preserve a healthy weight, it's essential to combine sensible portions of better quality, lean protein with low-GI carbs in every meals. The basic rule to losing weight comes down to energy equilibrium; kilojoules in versus kilojoules out. So how much you're exercising and eating.

While there are benefits of preserving a protein-rich foods for losing weight, too much can have the contrary effect. To be on the safe side, always check with your doctor ahead of adding more protein to your diet.


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