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5 Seasonal Superfoods in April

Spring is here! it's time for fresh, wholesome vegetables and fruits. Amazing flavor, moreover can help improve your energy, fight disease and will help you lose weight and keep it off. So contain an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants.

Five Seasonal Superfoods in April

Here are the 5 Seasonal superfoods in April:

5 Seasonal Superfoods in April

Tart, but it's delivering a lot of dietary fiber and Vitamin C, which give cure for scurvy, also lime is useful for skin, digestion, and are beneficial for easing constipation and fever-reducing. In addition to help you losing weight and safeguard eyes from aging.

Strawberries contains minerals, vitamin c & b and other, also are one of the most highly antioxidant fruits. You can use strawberries for anti-aging, and also it can help to whiten and polish your teeth and keep it off, thanks to malic acid.

Leeks tasty, contain high potassium, vitamin C and also it is one of the best vegetable to get an adequate amount of folate. Leeks can help minimize risk of coronary heart disease.

It's flavorful and healthy, especially now. Very low calorie, good source of fiber, vitamins (A, C, E), potassium, folate, iron, fiber, and also is loaded with antioxidants. Asparagus can help serve as a pure diuretic and fighting cancer.

Onions are a good medicine for your body, can help on prevention of breathing problems thanks to their amount of quercetin. And also can help reduce risk of heart disease and cancers because they are full of bioflavonoids and sulfur.


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