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Health Advantages of Banana

The curved yellow fruit have several health benefits, they are a good source of nutrients such as vitamins (A, B, C and E) in addition to minerals like iron, potassium, zinc... as well as fiber. You should add them to your daily diet; also bananas have sweet taste; and you can take them with you.

Know about Banana Health Advantages:

Health Advantages of Banana

Make you smarter: A great source of vitamin B; enhances brain power so improves learning capabilities.

Reduces the risk of cardio disease: Stabilizing bananas consumption can helps reduce the risk of stroke; They are abundant in antioxidants and nutritional fibre, which reduces danger of stroke, and also reduce the risk of kidney cancer.

Alleviate constipation: Bananas containing pectin, which helps to relieve constipation and enhances digestive perform.

Improves digestive function: Bananas containing priobotics, which help generate enzymes that allow absorption of nutrients, thus enhances digestive perform and banning unhealthy bacteria from hurting the body.

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Fight Osteoporosis: Bananas containing Probiotic bacteria to soak up calcium in the body, which helps to combat osteoporosis and maintains bones.

Regulates blood pressure: The potassium in Bananas maintains the blood pressure levels and it can help reduce its levels.


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