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7 bad habits that put anyone vulnerable to diabetes

Diabetes is a somewhat abnormal health condition related to blood sugar levels. Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels. In 2013 over than 281 million people around the world had diabetes and the number is likely to keep growing.

There are two main types of diabetes that tend to be chronic and patients must take special measures to lessen their impacts and stop their conditions from being aggravated.

- Type 1 diabetes in which the human body does not generate insulin. Nearly 11% of all diabetes cases are type 1.
- Type 2 diabetes in which the body does not generate enough insulin for its proper function. Nearly 89% of all cases of diabetes around the world are of this type.

Although hereditary factors may play a role in determining the person's degree of vulnerability to such syndrome, environmental factors also can have their say in such a case. Whatever the conditions are, our new lifestyle has led us to many health complications. Here are some of the bad habits that when avoided, we can be healthier and enjoy our life better.

7 bad habits that put anyone vulnerable to diabetes 

1- Our health conditions are determined to a large scale in our childhood. Concerning diabetes, for example, infants whose mothers are reluctant to breastfeed them and rely on other substitutes to their own milk can cause them to be threatened by growing type 1 diabetes. Cow's milk and cereal proteins are no good for an infant.

2- Obesity and the lack of physical activities are among the salient features of our modern life. Nowadays people, at all ages, tend to walk less and exercise less. The abundance of both public and private means of transport and the domination of office work have combined to make millions of people almost inactive. Physical activity helps people be fit and all the body systems to function in a better way.

3- Watching television, getting engaged in playing videogames or chatting for long hours prevent you from being active. Despite the fact that you feel you are enjoying your time, you are causing your body a lot of harm especially when you always have something crunchy to eat and some fizzy drinks to swallow. Some experts are now speaking about TV viewing- diabetes link.

4- Giant eating places have succeeded to a great extent to attract customers from all ages. Everything there tastes good but all is blended with artificial flavours. Nothing is natural. Studies have shown that whole grain diets can protect us from diabetes whereas processed foods rich in refined carbohydrates which put the body at high risks.

5- People drink much sugary drinks. Cafes, pubs and restaurants serve a variety of drinks with a high glycerine load. Drinking much of these beverages is associated with increased risk of diabetes. Water, coffee and tea are more natural and are the best substitutes.

6- Many if not all the foods we buy or eat contain trans-fatty acids. These fats are found in margarines, packaged baked goods, and fried snacks. Any product that lists "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" on the label has trans fats which are very harmful to the body and cause diabetes.

7- Red meats and processed meats are no good for our health. Eating red meat such as beef, pork or lamb and processed red meat like bacon, hot dogs increase the risk of diabetes. Red meat contains a high percentage of iron that decrease insulin's effectiveness or damages the cells that generate insulin.

To sum up we can say that these are only some of bad eating habits that can cause diabetes whether directly or be a strong factor in causing such syndrome. Whether we are naturally vulnerable or not, if we practise more sport and eat more wisely, we can live healthily.


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