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Chumlee Weight Loss

Chumlee Weight Loss

All the medical researches and analyses have proved that there is a strong link between being overweight or obese and many life-threatening illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks. In fact losing weight has become not just for the sake of beauty and elegance but a necessity to live longer and healthier

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Chumlee Weight Loss

There are two main factors that have helped in the increase of overweight people: Bad eating habits and the lack of physical exercise.

Eating junk food has become a predominant feature in our modern life. Also modernization and office work have diminished the chances for being active.

It is true that obesity is very dangerous but it isn't an irreversible state. All what we need is a strong will and a true awareness of its danger.

Russell ''Chumlee'' (Weight Loss) is a very good example of the strong- willed person who decided to change his life and lead a healthier life. In just a few months he succeeded in losing much weight to an incredible degree that left people amazed.


His father's death of a cancer at a rather early age has triggered his strong desire to change his diet and start practising. Chumlee kept away all processed food. According to him a healthier eating habit is the first key to losing weight. He started eating a lot of vegetables and natural food.''Everything in moderation'' is the key factor in having a healthier style.

However, this wasn't enough. Chumlee
(Weight Loss) started having a regular exercise regimen. He went to the gym six times a week. Also, he played golf in a rather regular way.

To conclude, we can say that Chumlee (Weight Loss) has been just a specimen of many people around the world who decided to make a change and have succeeded. So what about us? The message is very clear. 


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