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Lisa lampanelli weight loss

Lisa lampanelli weight loss

The fifty-two-year old American comedian and actress, Lisa Lampanelli (weight loss) , is now one of the advocates and ambassadors of the ''Weight Loss Surgery Foundation''. This comes after her success to lose weight after undergoing a gastric-sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy. 

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Lisa lampanelli weight loss
Lisa lampanelli weight loss

Lisa's story of weight gaining started as early as her teenage , since she was eighteen. She has been a food addicted person who eats everything and never controls herself. Now , in a one-year experience , has lost about 107 pounds , bringing her weight to 142 pounds from 248.

As her constant and numerous attempts through different diets failed to lose her some weight , Lampanelli resorted to a new type of surgery called ''Sleeve Gastrectomy''. It's a kind of gastric bypass surgery , which reduces the patient's stomach to about one quarter of its size. This transforms the human stomach into a sort of tube that needs only small amounts of food to be filled. The patient goes through small portions of food and quickly feels he is full.

Over the past years Lampanelli failed to lose weight and was the subject of ''fat chick'' jokes. Also , she suffered from the fact that she can't find the suitable clothes for her size at an affordable price. Despite trying all sorts of diets she failed. That's why she opted for this kind of surgery. She is happy because she lost half of her weight and become what she likes to call herself ''I'm officially a skinny bitch''.

Lisa lampanelli (weight loss) admits that food addiction is a main issue in her life and now she must rethink about her eating habits. She used to be an over-eater and now to make her surgery successful , she must reshape everything and have a good control over what she eats.

The outspoken comedian is now more attractive than ever because of her dramatic weight loss. She is also the inspiration for her husband who followed her experience in reducing his weight.

Lisa lampanelli (weight loss) was quite happy now because she can can go shopping in sales and find what fits her at very low prices. It is all a new happy change.

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To conclude, we can say that though there is some artificiality in Lampanelli's experience since she didn't reduce weight through natural means , she managed to have a dramatic turn in her life. Now she is fitter , skinny and of course happier and feels more satisfied. All what she needs is a whole change in her attitude towards eating and practising some exercises.


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