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Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

Chili Pepper Diet has become very fashionable since it is a principle component of Hollywood Diet. Many celebrities confessed the secret behind their fast loss of weight and explained that this is thanks to Chili Pepper or Cayenne Pepper as a diet supplement. Let’s find out whether this diet can be extended to fight obesity epidemic and other related diseases including heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes.

In this fast rhythm of life and the ever changing lifestyle, one may find it so hard to keep up with a balanced regime. People find fat meals very tempting and they found themselves unable to control their fat-gain. According to World Health Organization, fully one third of the world population is currently overweight or obese.

Eating Chili Peppers Can Help You Lose Weight
Eating Chili Peppers Can Help You Lose Weight

Researchers from the University of Wyoming's School of Pharmacy known as "Baskilab” tried to bring up their research findings, conducted on mice, about the role of Chili Pepper in curbing obesity, to clinical human trials so that people can face obesity without being obliged to override their appetite for fat meals .

"Baskilab” explained that “Obesity is caused by an imbalance between calorie intake and energy dissipation,". To give it a more simple explanation, "Baskilab” introduced it through the relation between white fat cells and brown fat cells. In fact, "In our bodies, white fat cells store energy and brown fat cells serve as thermogenic (heat produced by burning fat) machinery to burn stored fat. Eating calorie-rich food and a lack of physical activity cause an imbalance in metabolism that leads to obesity."

I this respect, Baskilab researchers come up with the conclusion that the beneficial ingredient responsible for curbing obesity is called Capsaicin. It enhances the thermogenesis which triggers the body to burn energy stored in white fat cells. Capsaicin stimulates metabolism without having to reduce calories intake. Hence fat people are not obliged to follow a hard diet, they can simply spice up their meals; the spicier their meals are the fitter and healthier they will be.

However, the implication of Capsaicin diet may not be reassuring since the dietary capsaicin was not shown to “modify food or water intake” in the mice. The results of the researches conducted on mice lacking the transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) don’t show a loss of weight. In fact, the group’s laboratory data revealed that TRPV1 is the element responsible for suppressing “high-fat-diet-induced obesity”. Dietary capsaicin didn't modify food or water intake in these mice, it just stimulates the thermogenesis.

In this regard, Heidi Allison, author of The Chili Pepper Diet: The Natural Way to Control Cravings, Boost Metabolism, and Lose Weight provides that the Chili Peppers is not always efficient in curbing obesity. She agrees that people have to learn how to deal with healthy diet in this fast rhythm of life.

Martin Nicholson, in his turn, provides in his article Ways to Burn Fat Fast that sticking to eating Chili Pepper is not enough to achieve good results. It has to be followed with exercise in at least 30 minutes.

Although its shortcomings, the findings of the researches are of great values in the sense that they introduced to the world the knowledge of the mechanism by which capsaicin works and they are still trying to bring the researches to human clinical trials. Baskila announced that “[they] envision a nanoparticle-based sustained-release formulation of capsaicin, which is currently under development in our laboratory. In turn, this will advance a novel dietary supplement-based approach to prevent and treat one of the life-threatening diseases, obesity and its associated complications — in humans.».


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