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4 Things to do for Weight Loss

Things to do for Weight Loss

Losing weight has become a dreamlike goal for everybody since it has a huge impact on our health, look and ease of life. However, losing some extra pounds isn't all that easy because it is not a one factor cause. It is an association of genetic makeup and some hereditary factors, the good or malfunction of our body's mechanisms, the food we eat and our attitudes to our environment. This includes sleeping, stress and physical activities. The following are some tips that help you attain the goal.

4 Things to do for Weight Loss

4 Things to do for Weight Loss :

1) Boost your metabolism:

Regulated metabolism means a good functioning of our body's organs and a good burning of calories. Metabolism is in charge of the good or bad body functioning hence our growth, gaining or losing fat. Predetermined factors may influence this. However, there is still a way to do better. Choosing the right foods and exercising more are key factors. In fact the more you are active, the more calories you burn. Thus, there is not any room for extra pounds.

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2) Beat stress:

City life, work, family problems and worries all cause stress, which leads to people gaining abdominal fat. Under stress, the body releases cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Under stressful conditions, many people, especially women gain weight because of their psychological imbalance which results in cravings and a change in their eating habits. Under stress, people eat not because they are really hungry, but because they are under some sort of emotion like anger, sadness or frustration, that pushes them to eat more and more frequently. Commonly eaten foods that bring a sense of satisfaction and comfort are sweets, salty and fatty foods. These foods are all processed and full sugars and fats that lead to weight gain.

3) Make your workout more productive:

Giving much care to our diet and neglecting to take part in any physical activity is proved to be of very limited results. There must be some sort of equilibrium between what we eat and drink and the physical activities we do. The more calories we burn, the more weight we lose. However, it is no good to burn calories through exercising just to gain others by not taking care of what we take. Exercising should be varied and of gradual intensities. Don't worry, the more you practise, the more you get slimmer and the more physical activities become a fun.

4) Sleep more:

Another element to be added in order to lose weight is sleeping. People should have enough sleep since it gives us a sense of fullness and decreases our food cravings. Sleeping disorders or deprivation upsets our hormone balance, triggering both a decrease in leptin, which helps you feel full, an increase of ghrelin, which triggers hunger. Hence we always feel hungry despite the fact we aren't. So we eat more. Sleeping enough is a very cheap and effective remedy for obesity treatment.

Attention! Obesity increases the risk of cancer:

scientific studies have found a relation between overweight and obesity and different types of cancer. Overweight and obese people are more likely to develop cancer than people with a healthy body weight. It is a fact that our health state in our adulthood is the result of what we consume in our childhood and adolescence.
The WHO confirms that overweight and obesity are the most important known avoidable causes of cancer after tobacco. Well-known cancers that large weight may cause or help develop, we find breast cancer, bowel cancer, womb cancer, kidney cancer and more kinds of cancer.


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