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John Goodman Weight Loss

John Goodmam Weight Loss

John Goodman appeared to have changed a lot on David's Letterman's "Late Show". He lost much weight. He once reached 400 pounds. The sixty-two- year- old "Big Lebowski", the Treme actor from America looks quite different and tells us about his experience in weight losing. His trainer, Mackie Shilstone says about him: "John is very agile. When I see him running I get out the way. He can be a different type of actor now. He can take on athletic parts."

John Goodman Weight Loss
John Goodman Weight Loss.. via : @RHaughOfficial

John Goodman Weight Loss :

" I have been thinking about the matter all my life. But my appearance in a Santa Clause movie really alarmed me. I wasn't satisfied at the way I looked. I was really overweight. For years, at Christmas-time I decided to make a resolution, but soon, in summer, I got back what I lost. I ate everything and I drank a lot. I was an alcoholic. I went to Germany to do a movie and I was still drinking. Because of the weight I've got arthritic knees and I need to replace both of them. However, I continued on eating and drinking too much.

At last I hired a man named Mackie Shilstone in New Orleans. He was a man of great knowledge about everything about his job, anything to do with medical advancements, vitamins, nutrition ... With his help I lost about 70 pounds.

I did a lot of cardio at home. Forty minutes in the morning and forty minutes in the afternoon. My cardio varies between the elliptical and the recumbent bike. I loved to walk, but knees hurt me. I also did boxing twice a week. I trained with a man called Axel Murillo. Such practice really helped me with the twisting, the turning and the throwing, and it got my heart up to 140.

My life has become a course of rehabilitation, a labour of love. The key to cardio was finding the rate my heart should be to burn the most fat, which is for me, between 106 and 116 and keeping this rate as long as possible. I found the experience quite enjoyable and I'm hopefully extending my life. Before, I didn't care.

Besides being an alcoholic I suffered a lot from periods of stress. I always worried about my unemployment and because of my addiction I always break my promises I made about reducing my weight. My drinking habits worked well with my overeating.

Now I stopped drinking and consuming sugars. I enjoy making smoothies after working out. I also have fresh vegetables and lean protein.

Things started as early as my childhood. I used to lock myself in the house and sneak food. It was a great pleasure for me to eat. I played football and my overeating didn't affect me, but I continued on even after stopping playing so I started gaining weight. I was aware of the dangers and what happened to John Candy was present in my mind, but I was going for a period of denial.

Though I haven't set a quite precise goal, I aim at reducing my fat to a healthy range.


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