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Calories in Honey

Calories in Honey

1 tablespoon (21 g / 0.7 oz) = 64 calories

Honey.. A drink in which there is healing for people. Look at how many products are produced by this creature. Everything the bee makes is beneficial. Honey has been used for medicine for thousands of years.

If you are interested in losing weight, honey and cinnamon are a great combination to assist you in your weight loss journey. Honey provides you with different calories than those that are found in sugar.

Calories in honey weight loss

Honey Bee Facts :

A bee colony can travel 90,000 miles in its lifetime, which equals 3 orbits around the earth to produce just 1 kilogram of honey. The queen bee live for around five years, her main purpose is to lay eggs which can reach around 2,500 eggs per day. Bees collect nectar using their complex and long tongues, which allows them to reach inside the flower. They have a lower jaw, which they use to make the hive's wax and feeding the brood. Bees have two compound eyes on each side of the head and are made up of 69,000 lenses covered with tiny sensitive hair that help them determine wind speed and seeing from a long distance when outside the hive. Working day and night, 24 hours, to populate and develop the earth. The average worker bee produces 12 spoons of honey in its entire lifetime for the benefit of man.

A quick question: How many types of honey are there?

The answer: There are about 350 types of honey.

A scientists says: "If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live".

Humans are dependent on the creatures around them. Their extinction means man's extinction.
Imagine supermarkets without the blessing of bees. what would they look like? what items will disappear? 30% of our food is dependent on bees, if bees disappear so would these products (like; almonds, olives, apples, strawberries, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, onions, watermelon.. ). All this produce would not exist without the blessing of bees.
Now, due to the disorder today, products such as almonds, that are completely dependent on bees, so because of the disorder in some areas the price of almonds went up 30 or 40%, only due to a decline in bees.
Imagine if there were no bees! Bees have job, if they don't do it. How would happen ? How would humans deal with it ? We have an example; A village in China has this problem, there are no bees, so they had to pollinate by hand. Imagine! Every April, the village's men pollinate every flower by hand, flower by flower. Imagine the time wasted in doing something normally carried out by bees while we sleep at home.

/!\ In America in the 50's there were 20,000 beekeepers, today there are only 1,600. Statistics show that 30% of colonies in America are disappearing, same thing in Europe 20%.

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