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That's my Passion

When you are passionate, you become a motivator, everybody understand what they need to do.

That's my Passion

Trust me, people pay the most amount of money to be motivated, there is nothing more powerful in the world than motivation, because it's motivation that touches the heart the most because when it comes to transacting thereafter. You and I know what to do after that, because you and I all have been gifted with abilities to do things, you and I know what we need to do. It's that motivation we're lacking. Even when you go to the gym when you wanna work out all those exercises that you have to do for the next few years in order to reach that state that you can continue to consider yourself to be somebody who is FIT, requires motivation. Thats why people who buy exercise equipment in their homes usually hang their clothes on it.

Because it's not the equipment. It's the motivation, and usually when you go to the gym and you see others who look really good, you're motivated to be like them. Hence you are driven to do it, it's a dream when you and I have it any really touches you, you go after it, look at those who do work out and they have phenomenal bodies. How did they reach that? they have such a powerful dream, it never stops them for going the gym even when they're tired.

Take a person like Thomas Edison went sleepless nights for years after years trying to come up with the first light bulb, how does a person have that desire, while everybody is having a good time he's got an idea, and that idea is burning in him, and he cant stop to put it in action, he's not thinking that when I make the first light bulb I will become a millionaire, no not even thinking about that, most innovators when you ask them what was the impetus of doing this the will say my Passion, what comes after that is secondary. My Passion.. I love it I love indulging in it, that is my reward my indulgence in that which I love is my reward. This is just Thomas Edison, who came up with the light bulb and when he was asked mister Eddison, would not have been good all these years you spent the first time you would've made this bulb work it would have been a great feat for you Look at his answer of a passionate individual He says "No I am the world's best expert on how not to make a light bulb"

That's my passion

When you ask the person, wow, you mean you didn't lose it, no I'm a world best expert on what not to do if you ever want to understand what to do you'd better be an expert on what not to do also. Even sport athletes, who are the best in the world they know what not to do, they don't know what to do, they know what not to do, why? because the heart when you touch it guides you and teaches you!

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