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Get rid of back fat

Get rid of back fat

Have you always looked at yourself in the mirror and wished to have a fatless back that looked just perfect with a well fitted top or a backless dress? Or have you ever worn a crop top or just a tight T-shirt and felt uncomfortable of that muffin top that keeps on overflowing ?

Getting that sexy back isn’t hard with a little of motivation and a combination of a healthy balanced diet and specific exercises and cardio you can achieve that sexy breathtaking back and rock that backless dress with a fabulous toned back.

Get rid of back fat

You might tried exercising by only targeting you back and bra bulge or you muffin top but that’s not enough to lose that back weight you need cardio exercises to heat you body up and prepare the muscles than you do a series of strength training therefore you burn calories and melt the fat around all your body. So to lose that fat you should work out regularly eat healthy food and don’t forget to drink a lot of water that keeps you hydrated and helps on the weight loss.

Here’s an example of Workout that will get you to achieve that ultimate defined back and also helps with the overall posture :

Get rid of back fat workout

The workout is simple and takes only 30 minutes:

15 minutes of cardio cycling , jogging , swimming , jumping rope, dancing are perfect ways to heat your body up and burn fat don’t forget to drink water before , during and after the cardio.

5 minutes of dead lift bend your knees , get your chest down and keep you back straight, With holding dumbbells make them touch the ground and then stand straight and then do the same thing over again

5 minutes of wide punch punch in the air with your body straight and using you back and punching from side to side, and don’t forget to change the arms

5 minutes sheathing exercise keep your body straight and tight don’t get too low or too high

With the perfect motivation to get that sexy fatless back plus a good posture you can achieve those exercises and by practicing them 4 times a week you’ll see great satisfying results. 


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