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Intermittent Fasting The trick to losing weight

Intermittent Fasting : The Trick To Losing Weight That Will Change Your Life

This is not a fad date that may gain a high reputation and then fade away. Personally, I believe in fasting and I feel very grateful concerning the behavioral and mental level. Experts who had been exploring the benefits of fasting, have recently noticed its obvious positive effect on health and capability to clean the body, as a result, Fasting Diet became increasingly popular especially intermittent fasting which is considered as one of the best weight loss technique.

When the word “Fasting” is recalled in our society, we jump straight into the idea of food deprivation just like in “Ramadan” or “Lent”. However, intermittent fasting is extremely different despite its various methods.

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Intermittent Fasting The Trick To Losing Weight 


As initial percept, we can say that intermittent fasting can be divided into two phases:

  • During the fasting: period no food is consumed, sugar-free coffee or tea and calorie-free beverages are permitted.
  • Feeding Phase: You can go back eating normally but take your nutrition plan into consideration.

My speech here is quietly different from popular programs known by “Fasting Diet which consists on fasting two days per week and intake from 500 to 600 calories. Today, I won’t about any calories or diets.

Types of intermittent fasting: There are several methods of intermittent fasting . Each method has its own guidelines at how long or fast it will require: “Fasting/Break-Fast”: I will demonstrate it briefly and devote the article to the latter method which I always recommended to my readers.

  • The Alternate-Day Diet : 36 hours fasting / 12 hours feeding.
  • The Warrior Diet : Fast for about 20 hours everyday and then feed for the remaining 4 hours.
  • Eat-Stop-Eat : Fasting for 24 hours once or twice per week.
  • The Fast-5 Diet : Fasting for 19 hours and eat for only 5 hours.
  • Leangains : Fasting for 16 hours and eating for the remaining 8 hours.

8 Hours Diet :

Fasting for 16 hours or, as I call it, 8 hours diet is the most feasible intermittent fasting method. It fits with your personal preferences and daily routine without adding forth any noticed changes. When practicing this diet, we prefer to stop eating 3 hours before going to bed and go back to eat after 16 hours of fasting (including sleep hours). Ladies can reduce it to 144 hours. It is nothing more having an early dinner and a late breakfast. This simple shift goes very well with our attempts before being ruined by our modern life habits.

Unlike all other types of fasting, this one is obviously unique. Besides its facility, flexibility, gain of people’s interest and evident effects on burning fats and improving health, fasting for 16 hours is also recommended for several behavioral reasons. In fact, fasting automatically train us to establish a correct eating pattern by reducing your eating widow and enjoying a total freedom disconnected from eating obsession or fear from deadly starvation. Thee behavioral discipline is undoubtedly the great benefit that we gather which lead us then to maintain a consistent feeding window. The revolutionary trick is a pretty awesome schedule proceeded by strict nutrition guidelines.

Further, during fasting the body depends on fats as a primary source of energy. It is also known that we burn fats when sleeping so thanks to such an effective fasting pattern you are pushing your body to burn more and more and more fats, relieving your stomach and enjoying a quiet sleep.

Late breakfast will not kill you !

I guess no one will deny the benefits of early dinner yet it is not the case with breakfast! Many people claim that is healthy to have your breakfast early, however several studies have shown that early breakfast has no advantages comparing to late breakfast, it depends only on lifestyle and attitudes. On the other hand early breakfast does not contribute to lose weight as a opposed to what people think.

It is clear that during intermittent fasting we don’t omit any meal, breakfast remains the first one. Simply, this is your usual breakfast and it does not really matter if you take it either 7a.m or 11 a.m.

Specialists noticed that most of us prefer eating in the evening. This a common behavioral fact ; most of us eat when family is gathered in the evening. In contrast, we reduce the amount of food that we eat during breakfast in an early time applying to a specific meal scheduling or due to fears from a decline in energy. Try to break the rule and test your body!


Fasting for 2 years and encouraging witnesses :

I practice intermittent fasting for more than 2 years. I often add some changes to my nutritional plan. Through the times I tried to burn fats or others when I ignored the matter, I kept insisting on this timing method because it fits my lifestyle and makes me feel better.

Many of my readers were motivated by such a method, as a result, they enjoyed the same relief as I did and told me about their own experiences.

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To make your fasting successful :

1- Graduate your fasting: It is not necessary to begin with 16 hours, try it for 12 hours and increase them gradually. This is not difficult at all, you are required to fast two hours before and after sleeping if you are used to sleep 8 hours per night then you will realize a huge enthusiasm that encourages you to go on.

2- Be flexible: The timing I chose may not fits with yours! Do not hesitate to make a change if it is not agreeing with you. If you prefer having meals in early mornings and afternoon, you can divide your fasting and feeding periods according to your personal choice just stick to the rule: fast for 16 hours and then eat for the remaining hours.

3- Do No Changes: It is really important to outline your daily appointments, this will help you to learn discipline and respect during meal times and reduce you eating disorder that most of us suffered from.

4- Be disciplined during breakfast: Organized your time and have up to three meals or less, according to your choice. I can give you some smart modification but, For the moment, you are just required to settle your specific guidelines of what to eat.

5- Respect your meals: Be sure of eating food in its exact time and show some awareness and respect. Stop eating in hurry or distracted and enjoy your meal with is proper interest and pleasure. Stop eating standing, during work on when checking your cell phone out. Food time must be devoted only to food.

6- Enjoy your fasting: Dig deeper into the feelings of serenity, being energetic and connected to life. It is simple enough not to waste much energy thinking about hunger, you still can enjoy your beverages which might appease your hunger. Live the experience with much more amusement and enthusiasm, you may appreciate fasting as a reset bottom and change your life.

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